Monday, December 9, 2013

How Do I Quilt That?

The Texas Star Quilters met on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Doris Rice had the program and Carol Bullion brought the door prize that was won by Pam. 

We had an awesome program presented by Doris. Quilters often struggle with answering this question: how do I want my quilt quilted? Whether quilted by a professional or done on your own home machine, that is often a difficult question. The quilting totally makes or breaks a quilt.

Doris talked about the importance of considering several important points: who is it for? how will they use it? how much do you want to pay?

She then showed several samples of small quilts and what a difference various quilting designs can make.

Here is a basic quilt top. Now the question...what designs to use when quilting it?

See how the quilt changes when you change the quilting design--

Custom Quilting

Back of basic quilting

Echo quilting

Here is another quilt:

A basic quilt top

Then the same top quilted in different ways:

Fancy swirls

Baby theme

Western theme

Basic top

Same top with scallops

Same top with swirls

Custom quilting

Basic top

Meander - allover
Custom quilting


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